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Now we have access from State Bridge downstream to Bair Ranch. This section of the river is far less traveled, has some beautiful scenery and holds some chunky fish.

The Colorado River is the most iconic river in the State of Colorado.  The Colorado is a large western tail water, which fishes much more like a freestone. Floatable 365 days a year, the mighty Colorado is characterized by long runs and gentle riffles that afford anglers the chance to hook into large Rainbows and Browns. Though it is known for its brown trout populations the largest Rainbows we see each year come from the Lower Colorado River.

The most remote of all, the Colorado flows through large open spaces filled with private historic ranches of the old west, providing the angler a real escape from development and crowds. The Colorado River is perfect for anglers of all skill levels and make sure you don’t forget the camera!

Upper & Lower Colorado River – BLM Permit #CO-140-10-04-0