North Platte River Fishing – July 20, 2023

If you want to fish the Mile, you want to be there now. Golden stones just started popping off, later than typically. Usually July 4th is the peak of the hatch, but the peak is right now this year. The stones are complimented by midges and PMD’s. It’s holding steady at 2,600cfs and conditions as far as water is concerned it’s looking great. A little grass and weed debris is floating around but nothing too hindering.

The Reef got a much needed bump from 1000cfs to 1500cfs this weekend. It’s helping flush a lot of the floating grass out that’s been super annoying to work around. Our hatches right now are midges in the morning, (you can count on that year around) and PMD’s and Yellow Sallies getting going mid morning/afternoon. Tricos have made an appearance on the lower, farmers are cutting alfalfa fields and hoppers are more and more prevalent on banks. A week or two of flows holding steady, and it should be epic dry fly fishing.