Wade & Walk Trips
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Wade fishing is a great way to experience our local rivers, especially some of the smaller drainages and to access areas the boats cannot. Wade fishing offers anglers a great interaction with the guide and an ability to learn and concentrate on a technique or a particular stretch of river. Wade is an especially great option of beginners and anglers looking to hone their skills on the river. The rivers we wade are Gore Creek, the Eagle River, the Blue River, Roaring Fork, and the Colorado. Each river fishes differently depending on the season and our guide’s fish year around; unless you would like to fish a certain area the guides will take you to the stretch they feel is fishing the best. Half-day wades are typically 4 hours and full days are 7-8 hours. Trip prices are all inclusive, including flies, leader, terminal tackle, waders and boots, bottled water, and lunch on full day trips. All reservations are subject to availability at time of booking.

Half Day Trips (@ 4 Hours)
1 Person                                    $275
2 People                                    $350
3 People (1 Guide)                    $450
3 People (2 Guides)                  $550

Full Day Trips (@ 7- 8 Hours)
1 Person                                    $375
2 People                                    $450
3 People (1 Guide)                    $600
3 People (2 Guides)                  $700